MOTD: The Hotep-Ankh-Wearing-Sexist

We Maraud For Ears

Black Man this Morning from 125th stop: “Sister, you know that you are a queen?”

Me: “Um, thanks. Have a good day sir.”

Black man: “That’s the problem with you sisters!!! You don’t uplift the black man back! You should have acknowledged my presence as a king!”

Me: “The problem is that YOU think I am obligated to acknowledge you, simply because you’re a black man. And by the way, women ruled in Egypt as pharaohs. So I am a king too.”

Black man: “That’s why you will never be fit for a king! Y’all think you’re a man!”

Me: “If you’re a king then I would never want one. Stop harassing me and get your ego boost elsewhere.”

This is what happens when we talk about only racism and never patriarchy in our community. We get men who still stand by sexist notions that black women are obligated to…

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