Michele Bachmann: "I Never Called All Liberals Anti-American"

She is an incompetent ninny who obviously underestimated how her ignorant rhetoric would come back and kick in her behind. The one thing I cannot understand is the people who placed her into public office. It says a lot about our educational system doesn’t it?Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Unfinished Business – Race Relations between Blacks and Whites in America

One of the least known facts about the concept of race is that that it is a socially constructed ideology. Race and subsequent racism was created by Europeans and Americans (white people) in order to justify the enslavement of millions of people (black people) for profit. When people feel guilty about an action they committed,Continue reading “Unfinished Business – Race Relations between Blacks and Whites in America”

The Presidential Election and Racism

As a human, it sickens me to see the crowds at the McCain/Palin rallies inciting violence against Senator Obama just because he is not like them. I get even more sick when I turn on the television and see journalists and politicians do their best to justify this ignorance. I would have more respect forContinue reading “The Presidential Election and Racism”