Handmaidens in the Black Community


One of the most dangerous places to be as a Black woman or girl is the community she resides in. As of today, 1400 hundred Black women and girls have been murdered by the men in their communities throughout America. In case you think I am exaggerating, the FBI has also been tracking the murders of Black women for those who want to believe that this is a figment of Black women’s imaginations and an elaborate plot by the Man to take Black men down. And these statistics are true. Black women are being slaughtered for existing by Black men. For leaving abusive relationships. For expecting the fathers of their children to support them financially. For not giving out their phone numbers. I could go on and on but that would be redundant.

And the main defenders of these murderous, soulless pieces of shit? The very women who are being slaughtered wholesale: Black women. They make excuses for these men by blaming mental illness, white supremacy, and the victims themselves for not being “supportive” and “submissive” enough. Never the killers themselves because in the Black community, dick is God and the vast majority of the women are the priests.

These are the women who are quick to blame little girls for being molested by deviant perverts. The ones who offer up their daughters to prey just to have a man in their lives, in their beds. Fuck the mental harm that’s being done to these girls: it’s all about that dick.

These are the women who encourage women who are in abusive relationships to stay with the men because all they need was a chance and didn’t mean any harm. Fuck that’s he’s beating your ass daily. He’s just a Black man who needs some love.

These are the women who know that their sons are the biggest gang bangers in the neighborhood who spend their days in daily shootouts but when the police kick in their doors, instead of turning in the miscreants these so called mothers are too busy hiding the guns.

To these women, Black men have more value than themselves and have to be protected and coddled at all costs. They will sell their souls and their first born child to protect the legacy and image of Black men. They ain’t shit.

These women are the patriarchal handmaidens of Black community and even if the community is destroyed at the hands and actions of violent Black men, these women are willing and eager to go down with these bums. Because they are men and men are everything to women with this mentality.

Due to hundreds of years of religious indoctrination, Black women have been socialized to believe that they are inferior creatures, not worthy of anything. They believe that their only role in life is to be a subordinate to men who ain’t worth two dead flies.

I currently reside in a city that is plagued with gun violence, robberies and mayhem. And unfortunately this mayhem is being perpetrated by the men of my race. Just last week while shopping in Walmart, a young Black man attempted to pickpocket me while I was shopping. For what ever reason, some young folks really believe that older folks are stupid and slow. Not the kid. I was raised in the hood where I learned to be very self aware of my surroundings or I would be prey. So when I turned around and looked this fucker in the eye and dared him to do something, he scurried off with his tail between his legs. Trifling bastard but I’m sure he has a mother who would have tried to fight me if I had cracked his ass upside the head. Women of this ilk are dangerous to the Black collective, running neck and neck with the men who are destroying the community.