A Hip-Hop Mystery: Whatever Happened to Choice the First Raunchy Female Rapper?

Way back in ancient times, an unknown female rapper burst upon the rap scene like a fiery comet and disappeared just as quickly. Her name is Choice and she released two albums in 1990 and 1992 but since then, nothing has been heard from her. Which is a shame because she was dope as hell.

While cruising these Google streets looking for information about her, I was excited to learn that someone created a Wikipedia page for her but the information is very scant. Her name is Kim Jones but her birth date is unknown. She’s from San Antonio, Texas but nothing else is known about her. It is almost like she never existed.

But she did exist and gloriously. I remember when I first heard her tape (yes, I am that old). It was the summer of 1990 and my girls and I would ride around listening to lyrics such as “I sucked his dick and all that shit. Rode the motherfucker like a pongo stick. We fell off the bed onto the floor. I grabbed the motherfucker and sucked it some more. That was raunchy as hell for 1990 and me and my friends giggled our asses off. Thank god it was no Internet and no Black men whining and complaining like a bunch of old ass cats about loose women while their own dicks have more mileage than a 1970 Camero.

She also made a diss track that dragged every big male rapper during that era to hell and back called “Payback” and it was a doozy. From Ice Cube to Too Short, she let their asses have it. Talked about their sexual skills, their looks, their pockets, their rhymes. Everything. Its a feat that has not been achieved by another female rapper as of 2020.

Unfortunately, she was ahead of her time and too much for the male dominated rap industry. She’s seemingly disappeared into the mists, never to be seen again and that is a crime against music history. And that is why I decided to write this article. To give this marvelous, bold woman her flowers while she’s still here. I hope she’s alive, happy and thriving, living her best life. Long before Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Megan the Stallion, and Cardi B come on the scene, a gal named Choice existed. These ladies wouldn’t exist without her. So bow down to this sister.

PS: Both of her albums are on ITUNES. Enjoy❤️❤️❤️❤️


  1. M Jordan says:

    Awesome read! I’m always talking about her to my nieces and nephews. She was way before her time. Choice was a beast!!

    1. Cash says:

      I keep telling people that Lil Kim and all the raunchy female rappers are Choice’s sons! I read that her name is Kim Davis, but I don’t know. I’m on a mission to bring her out of retirement to reclaim her crown. I wonder what happened to her.

      1. Nika Guidry says:

        Preach!!! I love Choice and she was before her time!!! I pray to bring her back out on a remix I want to do!! Thanks for showing her love everyone!!!!!

  2. RiRi says:

    Me & my best friend were in middle school & use to pop in the Choice cassette tape & listen to those lovely raunchy lyrics. We felt empowered, & would laugh our asses off at how bold she was. She always came across as an authentic woman who didn’t care about what others thought. I too hope she is doing well & I appreciate you giving her flowers!

  3. TBJ says:

    I went to college with Kim Davis. We were majorettes in the Ocean of Soul Marching Band, Texas Southern University. She was pretty cool. I saw her again as our paths crossed 10 years later in the Atlanta airport. I’d love to find her. She is around 57 now. If you find her please post.

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